Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Waterside - My Rm2k project

     I just wanted to talk a little about my own Rm2k Project that was on the back burner during my time off, but that I will be getting back into as soon as possible.

It's called Waterside and takes place in a fully customizable town where You, the player have to build up and manage a business and lifestyle while trying to help save your sick grandfather. It's basically a second-life style game with many of my unique systems that have been updated from Jay's One Stop Pop Shop, but what I really am trying to do is immerse the player through the simple story, but unique characters and scenarios that you can play through. Anyways it's still early on with systems being developed, but I'm hoping by February to have an up and running demo. As it stands I've created half the maps of the town and made the main playing area customizable, but still have the smaller houses to work on and then develop the npc's.

I've added some charsets & chipsets that you can check out at the Resources Section. As well as 2 new tutorials.

Rm Link of the post: RPG Maker Soundtrack

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  1. Now that sounds like my kinda game! Can't wait for the demo! ^_^

    Also, cool tut on text. Don't forget the symbols either! :D