Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Megaman Legends

Megaman Legends
Personally I believe this to be one of the most amusing games I've ever played and it just keeps getting better each time I play it, there's loads of great features and original gamepley with ridiculously fun characters. I would rate this game 7.5/10 only because the graphics could have been better even for it's age and the intro music is annoying.

As I mentioned earlier they could have been better, but for an early playstation game they weren't horrendous. The fact that everything was squarish was a down fall because I know in the sequel only done a little later, the graphics were brilliant. Your cut offs for areas to travel don't flow properly and you just sort of stop walking the moment you hit grass you cant go on, and if you cant jump on something then you just hit it and fall down, even though you jumped higher than it. So, graphics to me could have been improved along with the coding of the maps even for the time when this game was made.

The gameplay for this game was great, you really get into it and it's got such a basic storyline that everything makes sense. It's not very optional, no because you're pretty much told where to go always, but considering it was made for a younger audience it's completely understandable. The fact that I got into it was cool because it still keeps me amused at my age, which is how you know it was done well when it can appeal to an older audience as well. I loved the gameplay for this game and it deserves to be marked great.

The music for the most part was original and well composed, the sound effects were a bit repetitive though and the introduction music gets on your nerves the second time you hear it, and the third and the fourth and it keeps getting more annoying every time afterwards, but that's a minor problem. I liked most of the music and found the town's were always very well done and catchy too, which is always good. So, overall I liked the music for the most part.

The mini-games were basic, but fun none the less and the tons of side-quests always keep you interested, who would have known kicking a can into a bread shop was this fun. The loading time for saving was a tad long and could have been better, but for playstation I wasn't surprised. A few notes also; this by far is better than the 2 sequels, was released on both N64 and PS1 however had an expansion for Nintendo, well worth a play even if it is dated.

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