Monday, November 15, 2010

The early stuff

      So I took the liberty of starting to add all my old resources to the blog. You can check them out at the Resources Section. So far it's all of my original Charsets created for my games by me. These are Rm2k/2k3 resources, but can be compatible for XP with some modification.
     I joined Crankeye: The RPG Maker Resources Kit by Crankeye an old affiliate of mine that's still in existence and by the look of it going very strong. They have a fabulous forum that's extremely active and a very nice assortment of resources and members, definitely worth a check out.

     I plan on posting Tutorials in a section once I get it setup, but until then I'll be placing them in posts. Here's one from my site made by staff member Tomparkca on:

Making your RPG stand-alone without the RTP

This is important to people who have downloads available for rpgmaker2000 or rpgmaker2003 whether they be games or demos. If you do this you can make your games stand alone so you(the player) don't need rpgmaker 2k/2k3 or the RTP to play them.

-STEP 1- First off, make sure you have all the resources the game needs in the game folder on your drive.

-STEP 2- Remember to include the RPG_RT.exe file. It's a good idea to
make sure you run your virus scanner before packing up your game just in case.

-STEP 3-This is the most important... Open the RPG_RT.ini file, and add the line "FullPackageFlag=1". This tells the game that it doesn't need to look for the RTP, and all the files are there. If you don't do this, the user will get errors saying they have to install RM2k or RM2k3.

-STEP 4- Then just pack up your game like normal and you're done, now people dont need the rtp files to play your game. This can work on games you downloaded and you want to play, but can't because you dont have the rpgmaker 2k/2k3 rtp files, just do step 3 on the game you downloaded.

RM Link of the Post: Mr Bubblewand's Blog

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