Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Featured Project and Update

     So the featured project I'd like to discuss is Final Fantasy V - II Sacred Chains by: Tezuka at RMRK and Zukain Games. This project has been under close observation by many people since early June, 2008. And has quite the eager following behind, which obviously has captured my attention, so listen up.

After the battle with Exdeath; Bartz, Lenna, Faris and Krile went their seperate ways.

As Lenna thinks of a way to reunite with her friends, we enter Zeke...

Zeke is a Mage with the power to change the form his magic takes, being it White, Black, Blue or even Arcane magic. Zeke suddenly woke up from being unconscious for an unknown amount of time, due to this, he suffers from memory loss and cannot remember anything except for his name. After waking up, he finds himself in a forest, since he suffers from amnesia, it is a mystery to him. As Zeke wanders the forest, he finds a man in shining blue and white armor camping in the forest...could it be...?

The project is also featured on RMRK. It brings with it a combination of the old and new with both styles and characters based on the original FFV. There's an alpha and beta demo(s) available on the project link if you're interested in testing out the game. Personally I'm glad that someone is working with FFV over the stereotypical choice of 2/4 or 3/6 because V has such a different style compared to either of those.

The battle system seems almost identical to the original with a hint of stylized input from the creator. There's promise of new characters once again in the style, but original, so I'm eager to see who they are.

The Job System has also been taken advantage of and improved with new skills available.

As many others I'm excited to see how far Tezuka will go with the project and I hope he can have a complete demo if not first release up sooner than later before the public gets weary of waiting. Great Job and I look forward to your work!

Official Project link: FFV - Zukain Games

I've added some more resources from my old site. You can check them out at the Resources Section.

Making a readable page using Pictures
By: Hawkeye

     First you must have a picture made of what it is you intend to have your hero read.
     There are several empty parchment pictures around and all you can simply do is open one in Paint or Idraw and edit it to have words written on it. Save the picture and put it into the picture folder in your game's folder. Next in your game make an event of a piece of paper lying somewhere and you can place it wherever you want the hero to find it, such as on a desk. Set the EVENT START CONDITION to PUSH KEY and the POSITION to SAME LEVEL AS HERO. Next in the event commands box put in a message saying something like READ LETTER? Then under that make a SHOW CHOICES command with two choices reading something like YES and NO, leave the NO command blank. Last in the command box, under the :[YES] case put in a CHANGE SWITCH command and make the switch something like PAGE1 if you like and set it to ON. So in the command box what you should have is

<>Message: READ LETTTER?
<>Show Choice: YES/NO
:[YES] Case
<>Change Switch: Var[00??:PAGE1] Switch ON
:[NO] Case
:End Case

The ?? representing the number of switch you use. That's all you need to do in this event box. Now go into the DATABASE and into COMMON EVENTS and make a new event such as LETTER1. Set the common event to PARRALEL PROCESS and make the appearance condition switch the same switch you used in the last event, so we used PAGE1 so that would be the same switch to use as the appearence condition switch. Now in the event commands area this is the coding we're going to put in. First make a SHOW PICTURE command and set the picture to whatever picture you made earlier with writing on parchment and you can leave the positioning and rest alone as the default settings and click ok now. Next make an ENTER PASSWORD command and set the variable to something like READPAGE and check off WAIT UNTIL KEY HIT, DECISION(5) and CANCEL(6) leave DIRECTION(1,2,3,4) unchecked and now click ok. Last command to put in is an ERASE PICTURE command to erase whatever pic number was the picture you just placed, the default setting is pic one.

     That's all the coding there is, you can't go wrong with it, though there are simpler ways and shorter ways this is one of your best bets in my opinion to go with. So the coding for the common event will look somewhat like this is the end...

<>Show Picture:ID:1 PAGE1(160,120)
<>Enter Password: Var[??:READPAGE]
<>Erase Picture:ID:1

Rm Link of the post: Home brew games


  1. I think of all the earlier FF games, my favorite is - and will remain - FFV, so Sacred Chains will definitely be one to watch!

    The "Readable Page" tutorial is awesome! Never thought of doing it like that!

    Lovin' your blog, it's very refreshing indeed. PS, as a suggestion, perhaps you can put your tut's in separate entries... That way I can cross-link them on my Tutorials Index (with full credit to you, of course) - that's IF you want to!

    Either way, good job!

  2. I'm down to do that, so make a tutorial as an entry then make the post, you mean?

  3. Just put them in a separate post. No harm in having 2 posts on the same day. Like with this one you have the Sacred Chains and the "Readable Page" tutorial in the same entry. Split them up as 2 separate entries! :)