Friday, November 19, 2010

Pushing Objects (Rm2k/2k3)

Pushing objects(Rm2k/2k3)
By Hawkeye 

     This is very basic stuff and is meant for mostly newer rm2k users, but it is still useful and it's always good to start with the basics before going complicated. I don't want anyone reading my blog saying it's not good for beginners. If you're making a dungeon, you don't want to be just walking through a maze, you need to put stuff in the way and have obstacles. Some of the best ways to do this is with rocks or barrels that are blocking your Hero's path and he must push them away by pressing Enter

     You can even make the maze out of these and he/she has to push the right ones to get out or else he/she will trap themselves in and have to restart. The possibilities are endless and it's a simple system that when mapped properly can be expanded on. 

     So, make a map of a maze and then make the event that you want the boulder to be. Open it up and set its graphic to a rock, there are some in the rtp, or you can get your own. Next set its Event Start Condition to PUSH key and make sure the event is set to Same Level as Hero. Now in the event commands box you only have one command to put it. Move event. Set the command to this event and make it step away from hero also check off Ignore if can't be moved. The code should look like this...

<>Move Event: This Event Walk Away from Hero

That's it; that's all, so good luck. Like I said simple, but effective. Here's the RTP objects charset you can try it with.

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  1. I was wondering how to do this the other day, and now I feel dumb to realize how easy it actually is. I suppose the only thing I could add in addition to this would be creating an extra sprite of the hero pushing in each direction for added effect. Thx for the tutorial~

  2. It's crazy how many simple things you have to think twice about. Before I figured out the best way of doing this I was like, damn I wish I knew how. From here you can do some cool stuff. Eyesore from my old site had puzzles where you'd have to move things into patterns to open doors, but you had to do it in specific orders for it to work properly, like I said the possibilities are endless. Feel free to add HG to your list of blogs being followed and you'll get notices for every tutorial I post.