Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changing Your Hero's Clothes(Rm2k/2k3)

Changing Your Hero's Clothes(Rm2k/2k3)


      Ever wonder how it is that in some RPGs people have their hero change his/her outfit and none of the stats are modified?

     This isn't as hard as it seems and in this tutorial I'm going to explain: How to make your Hero have a change of clothes. Now this can be greatly modified and have different uses, but here's the one I put to it. So let's say in your house you have a chipset of a dresser lying around, we're going to make it so that when you click on that dresser your Hero can change into another pair of clothes. 

     So, make an Event on the dresser and have the event start condition set to PUSH KEY and it's position set to SAME LEVEL AS HERO. Now in order for this to work you will be needing a charset of your hero in different clothes, so you might want to modify your charset and add that in or get someone else to do it for you. I've just discovered a fabulous Spriter at: Project - Rpg called Luka, who is eager to get some experience in charset editing under his belt. 

     Moving on, in the event commands area insert the first command, a SHOW CHOICE command. Set it to two choices; CHANGE INTO CLOTHING and STAY IN THE CLOTHES YOU'RE WEARING. Under the command of CHANGE INTO CLOTHING insert the command called SET HERO WALK GFX. This command allows you to change your heros graphic without having any stats or anything else changed, just his graphic. Choose which Hero you want changed and the graphic that he's to change in to then click ok.

     Now then you can leave him in these clothes or you could add a switch and make a new page with the same coding, but changing his clothes back to what they were and turn that switch off. As I said earlier you can play around with this quite a bit. I generally have multiple options and you can find hidden wardrobes around towns, it just adds a little extra fun for the Player. At the end of it all though the coding will look like this:

<>Change Hero Walk Graphic:(Alex)Chara 1-2
:End Case


  1. This is simple but effective tutorial, and one that I wouldn't have thought of. But it most certainly will add that extra dimension to games. Great job! (I think I'll start cross-linking others' tutorials - with credit, of course!)

  2. Of course, you're more than welcome to link back here