Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting back into it

     It's funny trying to get back into something you used to be really good at. I'm not saying I was the world's greatest Rpg Maker, but I had a steady following of people ready and eager to play my games and listen to whatever advice I had to give them.

     That being said jumping back into this is not going to be easy because I've realized that I don't know the first thing about any of the new makers nor do I know anything about coding a website anymore, which is why I chose to go with a blog instead. I'm hoping that the more I delve into the world of Rpg making, the better blogger I'll become and the more whatever it is I have to say will not be jibberish and people might actually start paying attention.

     I plan on hosting all of my old original resources and linking to downloads of my games/demos as well as keeping you posted on my current projects. Mostly though this blog will be about other people's work and act as a bridge between all the dying rpg making websites and new uprising ones and their members both old and new to connect and see what everyone's up to.

I am also heavily into Theatre, Acting, Directing and the Arts and I'm not going to lie, but I may try and be crazy and bring that into this blog. Wouldn't that be just wacky!? Theatre and RPG making!?!?

KR deserves recognition for keeping me going during my time off: KR

What's left of my old, once flourishing website from 2006: Hawk Games

Rm Link of the post: A Fragmented Memory RMing Blog


  1. Hey, Hawkeye that's awesome, welcome back into it! Your Rm2k site used to be really cool and JOSPS was a sick game. Did you ever make the sequel? Keep up the good work man!

  2. Hey thanks mystery man, I really enjoyed making Jays One Stop Pop Shop, but ti was too complicated to ever get into a sequel, I did add extra features to the original and you can probably download it from KR. I'll get links to all my games up soon, so keep following!

  3. Heya, Hawkeye. Good to see you're getting back into things. I do remember you from way back when...Um! I used to lurk in the forums. Then what I'd learned and did put on an RM2K/3 blog, which is now integrated into RPG Maker Times and is pretty much redundant.

  4. haha, that's awesome CW, it's good to know people are still sort of doing things. RPG Maker Times is really cool, I'm hoping to build up a fan base the more I get into it. Thanks for the check out!

  5. I'm sorry for bothering you, but what happened to Eyesore RPG? I've been looking for it forever... I used to play that game when I was still making things with RM2K3, and I loved it. Now I can't find it anywhere.....