Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Making your Text come AliVe - 2k/2k3

Making your text come Alive
By Breakdancing Robot

      Okay, this feature of RM2k3 may already be known to you; however, I found out about it by a total mistake, and it's GREAT.

      Now, if you've been playing games for a while, then you probably know about MUDs. For those of you that don't know, MUDs are text-based online rpgs. Many people talk about how graphics aren't everything in an rpg; well, MUDs are rpgs at their core. No graphics. Only text. 

      The problem with MUDs comes with the screen. No matter how you look at it, white text on a black background is boring, so creators have found how to make it more interesting. I was pleased to find out this little bit of information about RM2k3. By adding a few text-commands you can turn words into dialogue. Like so:

\\ Shows "\".
\c[n]   Changes the text color to the color that matches n, n being a number from 0 to 19.
\s[n]   Changes the text speed to n, where n is a number from 1 to 20, 1 being the fastest.
\n[n]   Displays the name of the hero in the database with ID n, n being any numerical value. (\n[0] will show the name of the first member in the current party)
\v[n]   Displays the value held in variable n, n being any numerical value.
\$        Shows the amount of money held.
\!         The remainder of the message after this code is only shown when the player presses a key.
\.         Adds a 1/4 second delay to the part of the message which follows this code.
\|         Adds a 1 second delay to the part of the message which follows this code.
\> / \< Displays the part of the message between \> and \< instantly.
\^        Closes the message window without key input.
\_        Shows half a space.

All of these commands can be found by clicking the help button whenever you're at the message prompt. You just throw those badboys in anywhere in the message. For example:
Breakdancingrobot is the KING OF THE WORLD!!!
By adding a few commands you can make it...
\c[11]Breakdancingrobot\c[0] is the KING \.OF \.THE \!WORLD!!! 

By adding those commands, it now has Breakdancingrobot in red, there is a short delay between KING, OF, and THE, and you have to press a button for WORLD!!! to appear. Try this stuff out, you'd be amazed at how much better it makes the dialogue.

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