Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The search continues

     So in my continuous search for Rpg Making websites I joined another forum, this one solely for RmVX even though I have yet to get into using it. The site is at RpgmakerVX and I highly recommend them if you plan on using VX or are just curious about it as I was. I hope to be as active there as I am now at KobrasRealm, PhanX and RMRK.

     I'm still on the search to find as many active RPG Making communities as is possible. I tried joining GamingW and GamingGroundZero, but their forums are buggy at the moment and don't seem to be getting fixed any time soon.
     Taking Companion Wulf's advice I'll now be doing separate posts for the tutorials individually for linking purposes, but you can still check them out in full at the Tutorials Section.

I've added a new Charset, which you can check out at the Resources Section.

If you have any questions relating to Rm2k/2k3/XP/VX specifically and need help finding answers, I'll gladly do my best to either figure it out for you or hunt them down myself. It also gives me something to discuss on the blog, so feel free! With that I leave you with another screen shot from my current project: Waterside. This is the interior of the restaurant in the town without any Npc's inputted yet.

Rm Link of the post: Rampant Games

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