Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Game in a week Contest

So I got off my ass this week and tackled the near impossible.

I got Rpg Maker 2000 on my Macbook Prop and working finally after close to 3 years of people saying I couldn't do it.

Well, screw you game making community! It's not that hard. It does require an emulator, but you DON'T need to run Parallels.

Anyways long story short; I joined GIAW - a contest at www.rmrk.com and actually finished my submission.

Due to the rules obviously I can't release it here until the contest is over, but I will share the link to the forum page.

Well worth joining to check out.
With that I leave you with a screenshot of, "By The Riverway"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Waterside rebooted

Sadly my previous project: Waterside was lost when my last PC went. But since I've decided to come back to the RMing community I've started up a new version of it and am in the early stages of mapping right now.

Here are a couple of screen shots for your viewing pleasure:

Rm Link of the post: RPG Maker .net

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hello Again!

I'm still around
By: Hawkeye  

    So I may have been gone a year from this blog, but that's ok as only one person was reading at the time anyways :P I'm back now however because I finally got myself a new PC over the Mac I was using, which made it very difficult to use RPG Maker mainly as you couldn't. So I lost everything I've worked on over the years as Kobras Realm deteriorated, which is sad, but we move on.

I went online to try to track down my old games and found that all the links were broken and the hosts long since gone. Jay's One Stop Pop Shop was downloaded almost 3000 times though, which makes me very happy. So happy that since it's now lost to the depths of the internet along with my infamous Holiday themed games that I am now going to create some new ones. Hawkeye's not gone from the community, so don't you dare think that wiping out my RM2K legacy will rid the internet of me!

See you all soon!